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School Workshops

Textile upcycling workshops aim to develop key knowledge in order to give a second life to clothing and household fabrics that would otherwise be sent to landfills. 

Specifically designed for the students, the various projects allow participants to gain autonomy to create their own upcycled creations afterwards.

DIY school workshops

Ready-to-Make Projects

Le bac rose provides the material needed for the workshops. Buying supplies in bulk allows schools to have access to competitive prices. Each projects comes with his specific ready-to-make kit. All fabrics are washed and dried at high temperature before being handed over to participants. 

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Free Educational Content

Schools have a free access at all times to educational and fun content on textile recycling. We invite you to consult the Le bac rose Youtube channel. Tutorials, zero waste way-of-life videos, sewing tips, students can have fun and learn new methods of upcycling their textile waste!