Frequently Asked Questions and Innovative Answers!

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Why use unwanted clothes and accessories and not organic fabrics?

Unloved textiles are clothes and accessories that are no longer useful and that can not find a second life in thrift stores. By upcycling this "waste", Le bac rose applies circular economy principles by re-integrating it into the value chain what would otherwise end up in landfills. 

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Are you using new materials?

To create a quality final product, we add some new trims and fabrics according to the different products: 

  • Zippers and elastics made in Montreal

  • Printed satin labels made in Montreal

  • French terry and terry cloth knitted in Montreal

  • Threads

  • Natural Cotton

  • PUL (laminated polyrethane)

Our goal is to keep to a minimum the use of new materials. We innovate in this direction every day!

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Can I donate fabrics or clothing directly to Le bac rose?

For now, we do not take donations because we do not have the sufficient space to store so much material! 

To help local non-profit thrift stores, we recommend bringing your bed sheets, curtains, fabrics, jeans, tablecloths, etc. to the nearest donation box. In doing so, you allow a non-profit organization to offer support and work to the community. 

Also, if a garment or accessory can be resold et used in its original form, we want to prioritize re-employment before transforming it into a new product.