Compartments Pocket


Scrub Pocket Organizer


The pocket organizer slips easily into your uniform pocket. It is approximately 4 inches by 5 inches. It has 5 compartments: 4 small compartiments at the front and 1 large compartment at the back. It prevents your pencils, scissors, highlighters, etc. from falling. An elastic with 4 divisions keeps the pencils in place in the large compartment. The strap allows you to remove the pocket safely. 

The pocket is made from a scrap of new fabric. We were able to recover a roll of ribbon to make the strap. 

All fabrics are washed and dried at high temperature. They are then cut by hand. The pocket is made by one of our local seamstresses. 

Made in Quebec, Canada. 100% cotton fabric. Thin white elastic 100% polypropylene.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash and dry. Iron if necessary.

Occasionally, small imperfections in the fabric can be detected. We take great care to carefully check reclaimed fabrics, but, by their nature, they may have traces of abrasion, small rips, etc. 

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100% cotton
One size
Compartment Pocket